Peer-reviewed articals, reports, and other publications of Trent McDonald, Ph.D. Click titles to see the full citation, abstract, and a link to the online article (if it exists).

Year Title Author
2024 Marbled murrelet habitat suitability in redwood timberlands of northern coastal california utilizing LiDAR-derived individual tree metrics Lamphear, Hamm, Early et al.
2024 spbal: An R package for spatially balanced master sampling Robertson, Davies, Gansell et al.
2023 Relating Polar Bears Killed, Human Presence, and Ice Conditions in Svalbard 1987 – 2019 Vongraven, Amstrup, McDonald et al.
2023 Estimating {N}orthern {S}potted {O}wl ({S}trix occidentalis caurina) pair detection probabilities based on call-back surveys associated with long-term mark-recapture studies,1993–2018 Dugger, Franklin, Lesmeister et al.
2022 Curtailment and acoustic deterrents reduce bat mortality at wind farms Good, Iskali, Lombardi et al.
2022 Conservation of rare and cryptic species: Challenges of uncertainty and opportunities for progress Martin, Delheimer, Moriarty et al.
2022 Range-wide sources of variation in reproductive rates of northern spotted owls Rockweit, Jenkins, Hines et al.
2021 Range-wide declines of northern spotted owl populations in the pacific northwest: a meta-analysis Franklin, Dugger, Lesmeister et al.
2021 Evidence of absence regression: a binomial n-mixture model for estimating fatalities at wind energy facilities McDonald, Bay, Studyvin et al.
2021 finFindR: Automated recognition and identification of marine mammal dorsal fins using residual convolutional neural networks Thompson, Zero, Schwacke et al.
2021 Invader removal triggers competitive release in a threatened avian predator Wiens, Dugger, Higley et al.
2019 All routes are not created equal: an ungulate’s choice of migration route can influence its survival Sawyer, LeBeau, McDonald et al.
2018 Long-term trends in a northern Gulf of Mexico common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) population in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill Balmer, McDonald, Hornsby et al.
2018 Halton iterative partitioning : spatially balanced sampling via partitioning Robertson, McDonald, Price et al.
2018 Behavior of Risso’s Dolphins (Grampus griseus) in the Southern California Bight: An Aerial Perspective Smultea, Lomac-MacNair, Nations et al.
2018 Trend Estimation for Complex Survey Designs of Water Chemistry Indicators from Sierra Nevada Lakes Starcevich, McDonald, Chung-MacCoubrey et al.
2017 Using salinity to identify common bottlenose dolphin habitat in Barataria Bay, Louisiana, USA Hornsby, McDonald, Balmer et al.
2017 Greater sage-grouse male lek counts relative to a wind energy development LeBeau, Beck, Johnson et al.
2017 Greater sage-grouse, habitat selection, survival, and wind energy infrastructure LeBeau, Johnson, Holloran et al.
2017 Density and exposure of surface-pelagic juvenile sea turtles to deepwater horizon oil McDonald, Schroeder, Stacy et al.
2017 Survival, density, and abundance of common bottlenose dolphins in Barataria Bay (USA) following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill McDonald, Hornsby, Speakman et al.
2017 A modification of balanced acceptance sampling Robertson, McDonald, Price et al.
2017 Estimating sea turtle exposures to Deepwater Horizon oil Wallace, Stacy, Rissing et al.
2016 Demographic response of northern spotted owls to barred owl removal Diller, Hamm, Early et al.
2016 The effects of habitat, climate, and Barred Owls on long-term demography of Northern Spotted Owls Dugger, Forsman, Franklin et al.
2016 Behavioural responses of western gray whales to a 4-D seismic survey off northeastern Sakhalin Island, Russia Gailey, Sychenko, McDonald et al.
2016 Sargassum coverage in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico during 2010 from Landsat and airborne observations: Implications for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill impact assessment Hu, Hardy, Ruder et al.
2016 Effects of a wind energy development on greater sage-grouse habitat selection and population demographics in Southeastern Wyoming LeBeau, Johnson, Holloran et al.
2015 Effects of airgun sounds on bowhead whale calling rates: Evidence for two behavioral thresholds Blackwell, Nations, McDonald et al.
2015 Polar bear population dynamics in the southern Beaufort Sea during a period of sea ice decline Bromaghin, McDonald, Stirling et al.
2015 Spatially balanced sampling: Application to environmental surveys Brown, Robertson, and McDonald
2015 Reproductive outcome and survival of common bottlenose dolphins sampled in Barataria Bay, Louisiana, USA, following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill Lane, Smith, Mitchell et al.
2015 Rdistance: Distance sampling analyses. R package version 1.3.2. McDonald, Nielson, and Carlisle
2015 Sampling designs for environmental monitoring McDonald
2014 Resource selection function analyses: assessing habitat use relative to behavior and resource characteristics/availability for five common marine mammal species in the southern California bight Smultea, McDonald, Howlin et al.
2014 Pacific walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) resource selection in the Northern Bering Sea Jay, Grebmeier, Fischbach et al.
2013 BAS: Balanced acceptance sampling of natural resources Robertson, Brown, McDonald et al.
2013 Effects of airgun sounds on bowhead whale calling rates in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea Blackwell, Nations, McDonald et al.
2013 Plausible combinations: An improved method to evaluate the covariate structure of Cormack-Jolly-Seber mark-recapture models Bromaghin, McDonald, and Amstrup
2013 The point process use-availability or presence-only likelihood and comments on analysis McDonald
2012 Directionality of bowhead whale calls measured with multiple sensors Blackwell, McDonald, Kim et al.
2012 Bowhead whales and airgun pulses: Detecting a threshold of behavioral reaction Blackwell, McDonald, Nations et al.
2012 Dynamic Responses of Calving Caribou to Oilfields in Northern Alaska Haskell, Nielson, Ballard et al.
2012 Detecting changes in the distribution of calling bowhead whales exposed to fluctuating anthropogenic sounds McDonald, Richardson, Greene et al.
2012 Occupancy problem McDonald
2012 Spatial sampling designs McDonald
2012 Distribution of bowhead whale calls near an oil production island with fluctuating underwater sound Richardson, McDonald, Greene et al.
2012 Automated detection and localization of bowhead whale sounds in the presence of seismic airgun surveys Thode, Kim, Blackwell et al.
2011 California coastal salmonid population monitoring: strategy, design, and methods Adams, Boydstun, Gallagher et al.
2011 Responses of pinnipeds to Navy missile launches at San Nicolas Island, California Holst, Greene, Richardson et al.
2011 Polar bear population status in the northern Beaufort Sea, Canada, 1971-2006 Stirling, McDonald, Richardson et al.
2010 Effects of seismic exploration activities on bowhead whale call distribution in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea. Blackwell, Nations, McDonald et al.
2010 Population dynamics of spotted owls in the Sierra Nevada, California Blakesley, Seamans, Conner et al.
2010 Brown bear den habitat and winter recreation in South-Central Alaska Goldstein, Poe, Suring et al.
2010 A comparison of regression models for small counts McDonald and White
2009 Call localization of marine mammals using directional autonomous recorders. Blackwell, Greene Jr, Nations et al.
2009 Predicting 21st-century polar bear habitat distribution from global climate models Durner, Douglas, Nielson et al.
2009 Evaluation of an unmanned airborne system for monitoring marine mammals Koski, Allen, Ireland et al.
2009 Influence of human development and predators on nest survival of tundra birds, Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska Liebezeit, Kendall, Brown et al.
2009 {Non-parametric, computer-intensive statistics: A primer} McDonald and Mukai
2009 Estimating habitat selection when GPS fix success is less than 100% Nielson, Manly, McDonald et al.
2009 Large-scale evaluation of automated detection and localization of bowhead whale calls in the Beaufort Sea. Thode, Mathias, Nations et al.
2008 Effects of sounds from seismic exploration on the calling behavior of bowhead whales. Blackwell, Nations, McDonald et al.
2008 Survival rates and causes of mortality of Amur tigers on and near the Sikhote-Alin Biosphere, Zapovednik Goodrich, Kerley, Smirnov et al.
2008 Predictive model of habitat suitability for the marbled murrelet in western Washington Hamer, Varland, McDonald et al.
2008 Progress through collaboration: A case study examining effects of industrial sounds on bowhead whales Streever, Angliss, Suydam et al.
2007 Effects of the sounds from an artificial oil production island on bowhead whale calling behavior Blackwell, Greene Jr, McDonald et al.
2007 Abundance, behavior, and movement patterns of western gray whales in relation to a 3-D seismic survey, Northeast Sakhalin Island, Russia Gailey, Würsig, and McDonald
2007 Polar bear population status in Southern Hudson Bay, Canada Obbard, McDonald, Howe et al.
2007 Distribution and abundance of western gray whales during a seismic survey near Sakhalin Island, Russia Yazvenko, McDonald, Blokhin et al.
2007 Feeding of western gray whales during a seismic survey near Sakhalin Island, Russia Yazvenko, McDonald, Blokhin et al.
2006 Estimating potential effects of hypothetical oil spills on polar bears Amstrup, Durner, Johnson et al.
2006 Discrete-choice modeling in wildlife studies exemplified by northern spotted owl nighttime habitat selection McDonald, Manly, Nielson et al.
2006 Effects of an offshore oil development on local abundance and distribution of ringed seals (Phoca hispida) of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea Moulton, Richardson, Elliott et al.
2006 Neonatal mortality of elk in Wyoming: environmental, population, and predator effects Smith, Williams, McFarland et al.
2006 Resource Selection Functions Based on Use-Availability Data: Theoretical Motivation and Evaluation Methods Johnson, Nielsen, Merrill et al.
2005 Handbook of Capture-Recapture Analysis Amstrup, McDonald, and Manly
2005 Allocating harvests among polar bear stocks in the Beaufort Sea Amstrup, Durner, Stirling et al.
2005 Action plan for monitoring California’s coastal anadromous salmonids Boydstun and McDonald
2005 Mountain goat response to helicopter overflights in Alaska Goldstein, Poe, Cooper et al.
2005 Survivorship and causes of mortality in Amur tigers of the Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Zapovednik and adjacent territories Goodrich, Kerley, Smirnov et al.
2005 Spatial decomposition of predation risk using resource selection functions: an example in a wolf-elk predator-prey system Hebblewhite, Merrill, and McDonald
2005 Regional and seasonal feeding by bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) as indicated by stable isotope ratios Lee, Schell, McDonald et al.
2004 Using Satellite Radiotelemetry Data to Delineate and Manage Wildlife Populations Amstrup, McDonald, and Durner
2004 Detecting denning polar bears with forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imagery Amstrup, York, McDonald et al.
2004 Effectiveness of acoustic localization in documenting spatial and temporal patterns in autumn migration of bowhead whales in the Alaskan Beaufort sea Blackwell, Norman, Greene Jr et al.
2004 Population dynamics of the California spotted owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis): A meta-analysis Franklin, Gutiérrez, Nichols et al.
2004 Directional frequency and recording (DIFAR) sensors in seafloor recorders to locate calling bowhead whales during their fall migration Greene, McLennan, Norman et al.
2004 Estimation of resource selection functions when used and available samples overlap McDonald
2004 GRTS for the average Joe: a GRTS sampler for Windows McDonald
2004 Acoustic localization of bowhead whales near a Beaufort Sea oil development, 2001–2003: Evidence of deflection at high-noise times? Richardson, McDonald, Greene Jr et al.
2003 Detecting denning polar bears with forward looking infra-red imagery (FLIR) Amstrup, York, McDonald et al.
2003 Using discrete choice modeling to generate resource selection functions for female polar bears in the Beaufort Sea Durner, Amstrup, Nielson et al.
2003 Spatial independence of fisher (Martes pennanti) detections at track plates in Northwestern California Hamm, Diller, Klug et al.
2003 Using the bootstrap and fast Fourier transform to estimate confidence intervals of 2D kernel densities Kern, McDonald, Amstrup et al.
2003 Effect of underwater seismic surveys on molting male Long-tailed Ducks in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska Lacroix, Lanctot, Reed et al.
2003 Improving size estimates of open animal populations by incorporating information on age Manly, McDonald, Amstrup et al.
2003 Tag loss can bias Jolly-Seber capture-recapture estimates McDonald, Amstrup, and Manly
2003 Review of Environmental Monitoring Methods: Survey Designs McDonald
2002 Resource selection by animals: statistical design and analysis for field studies Manly, McDonald, Thomas et al.
2002 A new ecological risk assessment procedure using resource selection models and geographic information systems McDonald and McDonald
2002 Review of environmental monitoring methods: survey designs McDonald
2002 Factors influencing local abundance and haulout behaviour of ringed seals (Phoca hispida) on landfast ice of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea Moulton, Richardson, McDonald et al.
2002 Criteria to improve age classification of antlerless elk Smith and McDonald
2001 The Occupancy problem McDonald
2001 Polar bears in the Beaufort sea: a 30 year mark-recapture case history Amstrup, McDonald, and Stirling
2001 Comparing movement patterns of satellite-tagged male and female polar bears Amstrup, Durner, McDonald et al.
2001 Statistical issues in resource selection studies with radio-marked animals. Erickson, McDonald, Gerow et al.
2001 Estimation of population size using open capture-recapture models McDonald and Amstrup
2000 Estimating the impacts of oil spills on polar bears Durner, Amstrup, and McDonald
2000 Analysis of Count Data From Before-After Control-Impact Studies McDonald, Erickson, and McDonald
1999 The Robustness of Mark-Recapture Methods: A Case Study for the Northern Spotted Owl Manly, McDonald, and McDonald
1998 Caribou distribution during the post-calving period in relation to infrastructure in the Prudhoe Bay oil field, Alaska Cronin, Amstrup, Durner et al.
1998 Habitat Selection Using GIS Data: A Case Study Erickson, McDonald, and Skinner
1998 Review of the Denali National Park and Preserve (DENA) long-term ecological monitoring program (LTEM) McDonald, McDonald, Robertson et al.
1998 Regional estimation of juvenile coho abundance in streams Overton and McDonald
1997 Interactive effects of prey and weather on golden eagle reproduction Steenhof, Kochert, and McDonald
1996 Obtaining species: Sample size considerations McDonald, Birkes, and Urquhart
1993 Status of selected bottomfish and crustacean species in Prince William sound following the Exxon Valdez oil spill Armstrong, Dinnel, Orensanz et al.
1993 Use of oyster shell to enhance intertidal habitat and mitigate loss of dungeness crab (Cancer magister) caused by dredging Dumbauld, Armstrong, and McDonald
1992 An easy-to-use double-entry routine McDonald
1991 Postpartum infertility in common chimpanzees Graham, Struthers, Hobson et al.
1991 Seasonal influences on birth and postpartum events in captive chimpanzees Graham and McDonald
1989 Breeding canvasbacks: A test of a habitat model Johnson, Hammond, McDonald et al.
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