{Non-parametric, computer-intensive statistics: A primer}


McDonald and Mukai


June 1, 2009


McDonald, T. L. and D. Mukai (2009). “Non-parametric, computer-intensive statistics: A primer”. In: ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings. DOI: 10.18260/1-2-5027.


The authors have developed a first course in statistics for engineers based on non-parametric, computer-intensive (NPCI) statistical methods. These methods do not rely on calculus or knowledge of statistical distribution theory, and as such can be taught earlier in a curriculum, are more intuitive, are less-recipe driven, and can be retained longer than traditional parametric statistics. In this paper, we provide a primer on NPCI methods. Basic NPCI concepts of bootstrapping and permutation are described. These concepts are then applied to confidence interval construction and hypothesis testing. Several examples taken from the course are worked to elucidate the methods. {} American Society for Engineering Education, 2009.